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Colao & Peter can design and install beautiful planting packages for any needs.  Our experienced landscape architects will design and planting plan that meets the needs of our clients, while or professional installation teams will ensure they are planted correctly for the long term health and visual goals of our clients.  

Every planting job we do begins with a planting plan that is approved by the client and used by our installation crews.  Our experienced project managers ensure proper placement and spacing of all plants to maximize their growth potential.  Our teams can handle any type of installation from annual and perennials to mature tree planting for screening or privacy.  Give us a call today to maximize the beautiful of your outdoor environment.  

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Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

With our weekly maintenance programs, we can take care of all your garden and grounds needs.  We offer packages that include perennials and annual care, as well as weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning, edging of beds, pest management and plant health.

Our professional grounds maintenance team has vast knowledge on proper groundskeeping techniques, as well as ensuring the proper health of your gardens through promoting preventive plant care.   From fertilization inspections to the proper timing on the application of pest management treatments, our professionals ensure the right techniques are employed during the right reason to exceed our clients' expectations while maximize the potential of their outdoor environment.

Colao & Peter also offers comprehensive maintenance packages for all the exterior needs of our outdoor environment including but not limited to the maintenance of masonry, pool and outdoor lighting.  

Grounds maintenance programs offered:  

  • mowing

  • mulching

  • edging and trimming

  • spraying of weeds

  • fertilizing

  • pruning

  • seasonal flowers

  • seeding

  • soil testing and lime applications

  • fungicide and grub control

  • spring clean-ups


Plantings and Maintenance 

Colao & Peter has some of the most experienced planting and grounds maintenance crews available in the DC metropolitan area.  We focus on using the best quality products and our attention to detail to ensure the proper plant care and that our clients' properties always look their very best.  Contact us today to discuss your lawn maintenance or plantings needs!