Water & Fire Features

Adding fire and water elements adds excitement and beauty to any outdoor living environment.  Whether your tastes are modern or classic, fire or water can be added to any project, to create the uniquely beautiful outdoor living space you seek.


Water Features

Water features can add a sense of peace and tranquillity to any outdoor living space.  Often used to create a sense of movement, water features come in all sizes and shapes and at a visibly attractive focal point in any environment.  

Water features can be added to pool walls, or backdrop walls or can be installed in a more rustic method by creating brooks or streams, to create a more natural feel.  Either way, water movement creates a great noise cancellation barrier against other sounds, so added with its beautiful visual effects, it gives all of our environments an added sense of serenity. 

Fire Featuers

Fire-features come in various forms, including fire pits, fireplaces, as well as fire-bowls.  They all serve their own purpose of creating a place to congregate or a stunning focal point that finishes of an envorment with an exclamation point.  The inclusion of fire into any outdoor space creates a stunning and magical backdrop for all your entertaiment spaces.