Custom Pools in Leesburg, McLean, Great Falls, VA, Washington, DC, and Surrounding Areas: Free Form vs Rectangular Pools: Choosing the Perfect Shape for Your Oasis

deck and pool at sunset by an Outdoor Living Company in Arlington, VA

When it comes to creating the ultimate backyard oasis, choosing the right pool shape is essential. The shape of your pool can significantly impact the overall aesthetics, functionality, and ambiance of your outdoor space. Two popular options that homeowners often consider are free form and rectangular pools. In this blog post, we will explore the characteristics of each shape, helping you make an informed decision to suit your preferences and needs.

The Allure of Free Form Pools:

Free form pools exude a natural and organic appeal that mimics the beauty of a lagoon or a serene oasis. These pools feature irregular shapes, flowing lines, and gentle curves, making them ideal for homeowners who desire a more relaxed and naturalistic atmosphere. Free form pools can blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, effortlessly integrating with your garden, patio, or outdoor living area.

One of the significant advantages of free form pools is their versatility in design. With endless possibilities, you can create a unique and customized pool that complements your personal style. Whether you envision a tropical paradise with lush greenery and cascading waterfalls or a contemporary retreat with sleek lines and elegant features, a free form pool can transform your backyard into a personal sanctuary.

The Benefits of Rectangular Pools:

In contrast to the organic nature of free form pools, rectangular pools are characterized by clean lines, symmetry, and a more formal appearance. These pools offer a classic and timeless aesthetic, perfect for homeowners seeking a sophisticated and elegant look. The symmetrical design of rectangular pools also provides a sense of order and balance, which can harmonize well with modern architectural styles or a minimalist outdoor setting.

Rectangular pools are often favored for their functionality. Their shape allows for efficient use of space, making it easier to plan and organize seating areas, poolside lounges, and other outdoor amenities. The shape also makes it easier to get an automatic pool cover, providing enhanced safety, energy efficiency, maintenance convenience, and water conservation for your pool. If you enjoy swimming laps or engaging in water-based activities, the straight sides of a rectangular pool provide a clear path, facilitating a more streamlined swimming experience.

Factors to Consider:

When deciding between a free form or rectangular pool, it’s important to consider a few key factors:

  1. Space: Assess the available space in your backyard. Free form pools may be more flexible in fitting into irregular or limited spaces, while rectangular pools require more room.
  2. Landscape and Style: Consider your existing landscape, architectural style, and overall aesthetic preferences. Free form pools blend well with natural surroundings, while rectangular pools complement contemporary or formal settings.
  3. Functionality: Determine how you plan to use the pool. Rectangular pools are great for lap swimming, water sports, and entertaining, while free form pools offer a more relaxed and leisurely experience.


Whether you opt for the natural elegance of a free form pool or the timeless allure of a rectangular pool, both shapes offer distinct advantages and can transform your backyard into an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Consider your personal style, available space, and desired functionality when making your decision. With the right choice, your pool will become the centerpiece of your outdoor space, providing endless hours of pleasure, and creating lasting memories with family and friends. For more information on custom pools in Leesburg, McLean, Great Falls, VA, Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas, contact Colao & Peter – Luxury Outdoor Living.