Landscape Design in Arlington, Great Falls, Leesburg, McLean, Sterling, Washington, D.C., and the Surrounding Areas

Landscape Design in Arlington, Great Falls, Leesburg, McLean, Sterling, Washington, D.C.

When you look at a property and all of the elements work together harmoniously, that’s when you know landscape design was implemented well. We all want various elements of our home to work together, and when you work with Colao & Peter – Luxury Outdoor Living, our landscape design team will put all of the right pieces together for your Arlington, Great Falls, Leesburg, McLean, Sterling, Washington, D.C., or surrounding area home. Put our years of experience of merging various outdoor features into an aesthetic and pleasing layout. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your landscape design.

Concepts of Landscape Design

The idea of landscape design isn’t something akin to throwing together a few plants and rocks and calling it a day. The goal is to marry hardscape elements with softscape elements to create a wonderful outdoor experience that stuns from every angle. It is important to keep in mind the proportions of the landscape design, as you don’t want something too small or too large as part of the whole. The concept of transition is also important, especially when the property is taken as a whole and elements are incorporated to bring people from one area to the next.

The various textures of softscapes and hardscapes also play into well thought out landscape design. Is the exterior of your home smooth or does it have a rough texture? What sort of plants will you want to complement the buildings on the property? Colors also play a role in the overall landscape design. Green is obviously nearly everywhere, but how can you incorporate other colors with plants as well as other materials such as stone, metal, or wood? Finally, the maintenance aspect of your landscape design cannot be overlooked, whether you end up performing those duties or hiring them out.

More Art Than Science

As your landscape design is taking shape, an artistic flair is often called for. Where there are sharp corners or hard surfaces we will also place softer items to balance things out. Certain colors are associated with certain feelings, especially as they are used in various settings. Often you will see white fences and chairs around a pool, as that color promotes cleanliness and positive impressions of the area. Darker, harder colors and surfaces work well around fire pits and similar areas.

Whether you have a small area at the front of your property or you want an entire overhaul of the land, our landscape design experts can provide you with great interpretations of your desires. We have worked with hundreds of clients all over Arlington, Great Falls, Leesburg, McLean, Sterling, Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas, and can show you how landscape design changed their property for the better. Call Colao & Peter – Luxury Outdoor Living today to learn more.