Pool Company in Leesburg, VA

Not all pool companies are the same and it is important that people invest some time into researching the right pool company that will get them what they are wanting in Leesburg, VA. As a recognized and highly rated custom pool builder, at Colao & Peter – Luxury Outdoor Living we have years of experience that we bring to every pool installation or pool renovation project. You can see many of our projects in our galleries to understand the extensive lengths that our team is capable of going to create the right look and feel for any property. Reach out today to learn more, have your questions answered, and see what our team is capable of with your property.

Pool Design in McLean, VA, Middleburg, VA, Washington, DC, and Leesburg

Pool Installation and Pool Renovation in Leesburg

Having a pool installation done provides a number of benefits for the property and your family. From increasing the value of the property, both in terms of enjoyment from those that live there to the financial increase in the value, to the health benefits that come from exercising in a pool that improves mood and reduces stress, your custom pool space will provide you with years of positive returns that are nearly impossible to replicate with any other option.

Those who have a property with a pool already know these benefits and they bring in our team for a pool renovation. This can mean enhancing what they already have by resurfacing the pool itself, adding new walkways and sitting areas, or even redesigning most of the space around the pool to create more sitting areas and other features. If our clients can imagine it, our team can make it happen.

Your Pool Builder Serving Leesburg, Virginia

At Colao & Peter – Luxury Outdoor Living we are more than just a pool builder. We can add beautiful and functional features like water fountains or waterfalls, pool lounge buildings that provide some shade while still enjoying the pool itself, and other ideas that you may only find in luxury resorts. In this way you transform your Leesburg, Virginia home into your own personal resort that you have access to whenever you want.

It is important that who you choose to work with as your pool builder listens to your goals and provides you with quality feedback and design. Leesburg, like much of Loudoun County, has undergone considerable growth and development over the last 30 years, transforming from a small, rural, Piedmont town to a suburban bedroom community for commuters to the national capital. European settlement near Leesburg began in the late 1730s as Tidewater planters moved into the area from the south and east, establishing large farms and plantations. In the 20th century, Leesburg was the home of World War II General George C. Marshall, architect of the famous Marshall Plan that helped re-build Europe after the war. Contact our team today and experience the difference a quality custom pool builder can bring to your project.